• "Comfort Women"

    "Comfort Women" refer to women who were forcibly mobilized and forced to live as sex slaves in brothels called ‘comfort stations’ established by the Japanese military under the pretext of efficiently carrying out war after September 18, 1931, when the Manchurian Incident took place up until when Japan was defeated in the Pacific War in 1945. In literature and testimonies, ‘comfort women’ were referred to as hostesses, special women, prostitutes, geishas, street girls, waitresses, etc. while ‘comfort stations’ were referred to as army recreation facilities, clubs, servicemen centers or Joseon restaurants.

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    Reseach Institute on Japanese Military Sexual Slavery(RIMSS) was established in year 2018 to advance gender equality and women’s human rights. It supports projects aimed at preventing and eradicating violence against women, as well as providing victim-support. Since 2018 the Institute has been keen on conducting systematic research on the issue of Japanese military sexual slavery.

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  • Webzine KYEOL

    We have named this webzine ‘KYOEL’ to signal our intent to delve into and unravel a complex layer of intertwined issues – surrounding the military sexual slavery, such as colonial rule, armed conflict, sexual violence and human rights.

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