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The published by RIMSS is a webzine featuring various information on the Japanese Military “Comfort Women” issue in order to help the public understand the Japanese Military “Comfort Women” issue and promote relevant studies among researchers.

The Japanese Military “Comfort Women” issue is obviously difficult to summarize in a phrase as the issue links to a variety of topics such as colonial rule, war, gender, human rights, violence, and international crimes, etc. The name of RIMSS's webzine * embodies RIMSS's intention to closely examine and unfold such a diverse and complex issue that entails the Japanese Military “Comfort Women”.

  1. * The Korean dictionary definition of 'KYEOL': 'KYEOL' refers to the condition or pattern of an arrangement in which the hard and soft parts of the fibers of trees, stones, and flesh, etc. are organized together to render regular layers.

RIMSS's webzine endeavors to showcase the research achievements and activities of experts from every sphere of life who have speculated the “Comfort Women” issue from the various perspectives such as history, politics, diplomacy, law, culture, literature, and women's movements, etc. would explore languages that can offer a fresh understanding on the “Comfort Women” issue through detailed and in-depth studies and thereby unravel the issue through providing various forms of contents including Interviews, Essays, Reviews, Discussions, and Document Explanations.

Webzine Identity: Establishing a solid foundation

RIMSS's webzine aspires to provide a foundation for the thorough understanding and in-depth thoughts on the Japanese Military “Comfort Women” issue through the process in which facts and perspectives tightly intersect with each other. Its logo expresses this aspiration in the three progressively darkening circles. Each of the three circles represents the value of RIMSS's webzine : 'Understanding the complexity of the problem', 'Thinking in detail and in depth', and 'Thinking about the issue by taking it as my own.'

RIMSS's webzine seeks to inform people from all over the world about the Japanese Military “Comfort Women” issue through offering various contents on Japanese Military “Comfort Women” and thereby contribute to the promotion of women's human rights on a global scale

* Please note that the contents of the webzine written by external writers reflect the external writers' own opinions and therefore may differ from RIMSS's official position.

Webzine Identity : Laying the foundations

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