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Kawata Fumiko (川田文子)
  • 2020년 Essays 배봉기 이야기 - "그 전쟁 속에서 용케 살아남았어."

    In her book <The House with a Red Tile Roof - The Story of Korean Women Who Became the Japanese Military "Comfort Women"> which was translated into Korean in 2014, Kawata Fumiko vividly yet calmly unraveled the testimony of Bae Bong-gi, one of the Korean "Comfort Women" who was taken to Okinawa. Based on the testimonies and data collected from Okinawa residents, Japanese soldiers, as well as Bae Bong-gi, this article describes the detailed circumstances experienced by Bae Bong-gi and the “Comfort Women” surrounding the U.S. military’s air raids that took place on the Kerama Islands, Okinawa.

    Kawata Fumiko (川田文子) 2020.11.17

  • 2020년 Essays 송신도 이야기 - "사람 속마음은 한 치 앞도 알 수 없어."

    This article is about the story of Song Shin-do remembered by Kawata Fumiko, who connected Song Shin-do to the ‘”Comfort Women” 110 Report Call Executive Committee’.

    Kawata Fumiko (川田文子) 2020.09.14

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