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    We Met, and Now We Are Healing Together Interview with Ahn Hae-ryong and Ito Takashi The victims from South Korea and North Korea were very wary of me when we first met. I thought that was fair, as they were giving an interview to a Japanese man. Some victims threw things at me, while others asked me questions. They expressed their criticisms or what they thought about Japan, and asked me about my thoughts. I also ended up being interviewed by them on several occasions. We developed a semblance of trust as we met several times to talk to each other, and this allowed me to talk to them about various stories. As I faced them sincerely and as we built up relationships in which we directly encountered each other as human beings to communicate our own thoughts to each other, I felt like we truly shared our feelings as humans, despite our positions as victims and perpetrators. It is painful to see that they are now dying one after another. Ahn Hae-ryong What did you feel during the process of meeting the ‘Comfort Women’ victims?

    the Editorial Team of the Webzine 2020.11.29